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You’re probably like most people, you have insurance for your home, cars or business. You have a policy that’s maybe slightly more competitive than the one you had before it and when that bill comes – you pay it. Every few years when the premium creeps up too much, you get antsy and start the process over. Is there anything about this process that’s enjoyable?

FreeRenewalQuote.com is powered by one of the largest family owned insurance agencies in Metro New York, The B&G Group, Inc. Experienced in all forms of insurance, we thrive on building a relationship with our clients. No really. We’re paid in perpetuity so we want to know who you are. We’re not some captive corner store front insurance agency on-boarding clients for a large insurer. We’re a large independent insurance agency that’s privately owned with great support staff, internal accounting staff, claims and customer service people. We have competent brokers with a VESTED ONGOING INTEREST in making sure you’re receiving great insurance coverage and that your premiums are fair.

You show us yours, we’ll show you ours. We don’t sugar coat. We can’t always do better, but we’ll tell you. We work with over 50 “A Rated” insurers and we’d love to tell you we can beat any rates. We often can but sometimes we’ll suggest you stay put. We can always become your servicing agent on existing coverage too – but we want to earn our keep.

We’re truly independent. We’re not tied to one insurer. We do where we can find the best program and pricing. When you become our client, we try to stay ahead of future large annual increases and want to maintain ongoing two-way communication. You need something? Just ask. Premiums creeping up and you want to know why or want coverage re-marketed, just tell us! We already know who you are. No need to start over. We have the markets and know what to do – but we’re not psychic.

We’re real people too, most of us, New Yorkers. No toll-free numbers or routing calls outside our 30,000 square foot headquarters. Our staff have lives like you, we eat, have families, play tennis or golf, celebrate birthdays and don’t work 24/7 but our clients will think we do because we’ll be accessible when you really need us.

Who insures you doesn’t matter, until it does. Trust us. Avoid playing expert with online insurance aggregators where when you have a claim, you have nobody explaining what options that are available – and why one insurer or package over another.

We’ve been around since 1974. Our agency is made up of competent insurance professionals equipped to provide solutions to nearly all your insurance needs.

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